Connected TV


All Your CTV Needs Through One Future-Proofed Platform

Leverage the scale and power of a true Omnichannel approach through MediaMath to drive brand awareness, re-enforce messaging and move users down your conversion funnel.

MediaMath's 2021 Identity playbook is a companion guide to our July whitepaper, Preparing for a Post-Third-Party Cookie World: Identity & the Future of Online Advertising which explains how identity works today so brands can be informed for tomorrow.

Consumer-Centric Identity

One unified identity (CID) across platforms to create positive and relevant experience in consumer engagements, which in turn will drive profits and competitive advantage

Supply Through Premium Environments

Brand safe environments—sourced directly from publishers, to ensure a fraud-free and brand-safe environment, and optimizing working versus non-working costs

Attribution & ROI

Bi-directional data sharing that allow for advanced SPO, including CPA/ROI, as well as pathway analysis across platforms to refine and optimize your media mix

We're Better Together

MediaMath’s partnerships across the advertising ecosystem are helping build leading solutions to the industry’s most complicated problems


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Privileged access to premium content, transparency with clear data rights, viewable to humans, not bots = aligned commercials with efficiencies in inventory purchasing.